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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  October 15, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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deadly shooting on 57th avenue and that's why we find alex savage with more unanswered questions threatening the case. >> reporter: well this man was gunned down here and it all happened on the sidewalk. the man's clothes are still sitting here after par med particular worked on him. sh-- paramedics worked on him. oakland police got 911 calls about the shooting. officers pulled up and found this man on the ground and he was unresponsive. he had suffered from several gunshot wounds. he was transferred to the hospital where he died a short time later. they tried to reach any witnesses they can but in talking with the sergeant he said witnesses are hard to come by this morning. so far no description on the shooter police are looking for.
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for now we are live, all level savage -- alex savage, ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> police are looking for a violent shooting which happened on 7th and filbert streets. they develop wally ran into the lobby of the apartment buildings. 60 shell cases were found on the scene. it happened where the windows shot out earlier this month. two people got out and opened fire. about 40 shell casings were found at that scene. a sacramento county man was stabbed on the way to candle stick park on the way to the 49ers game.
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he was approached while he was with five friends and one of the men grabbed a knife and stabbed him. police later arrested two suspects. san leandro police are looking for the person they say broke up a fight. the stabbing happened are looki to 20-year-old man in the argument who they say was behind the violence. he was last seen with dark jeans and a baseball hat, anybody with information is asked to call police. services running normal. artificials say they caught the man walking in the underground area last night. he was immediately stopped.
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officers walked through the tube found the man and services were restored at 15 last night. they need a win to avoid falling behind and the national league championship series. cardinals led 6- 0 in last night's game one until they started to make a come back. the giant couldn't pull off the side line. >> this is game one, we will be right back. >> we will get them the next time though. we will going to get them. go head them. they will face the entire series last night and you can see it right here on can't 2.
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following an early addition at 5:00. the mayor has a friendly wager will send st. louis barbecue and beers and if the mayor ed lie changes his to the logo, it will be st. louis. we have complete giant coverage on our with website. just click on it to see your vetoes and you may see them on the air. mitt romney and president barack obama are preparing for their second debate tonight. roof stray is working through
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the weekend to set the stage for the debate and it will be a challenge he can to see if he controls and is understanding. >> i think you will see a very different president barack obama this time around. he has to be seen as aggressive but can't be seen as overly aggressive. >> it is kenny's selected by gallup. and you can watch it live here channel 2, stay tuned for reaction and another analysis. sal, nice to see you >> at a matter of fact we are doing well if you are trying to get on the road in fact sop of
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the cameras. no major problems. at the bay bridge toll plaza, we have the traffic that looks good coming to the toll plaza and no problems getting to the bridge. traffic looks good 580 and 287 and we have normal speed limits, let's go back to steve. >> let's go back to mauer reap? >> yes, thank you he have is it. at the captain cruz ship capsized and killed 2 people. prosecutors say he is partially responsible for the ship to be put down. and a woman continues to
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make progress in her recovery. where she is now headed to get specialized treatment for her recovery. and the records he broke from free falling from the edge of space. >> traffic looks good and we will tell you more about the bay area weather.
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. 11:00 last night, police have not released information on the victim's condition or any information about any suspect. san jose fire officials are trying to figure out if a woman is responsible for a string of fires. she deliberately set a fire in a garbage can and it was where
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ten other fires were noun side or back alice. they are trying to determine how many other fires that woman could be linked to. is it started -- it started on a vacant street. firefighters were able to put it out but not before it caused major damage. they found lyterian debris inside the home which is what led them to believe squatters were inside the home. giselle esteban was accused of killing michelle le. they heard a tape shortly after and michelle le was found four months after the murder. they believed michelle le -- she shall -- giselle esteban believed michelle le was involved with her ex-boyfriend. david was arrested after a
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10 hour standoff with police. afterwards they found a woman's body believed to be heather carol. she failed to pick up her five- year-old son from school. she volunteered in the search and was a friend of the family and he is now facing murder charges. senator arland specter died from none how much ken's lymphoma. he is survived by his wife two sons and four granddaughters. he switched to the democratic party saying the gop had gone -- gop had gone too conservative. the end did he now -- endeavor now is at the science center after a 12-mile two day
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journey to l.a. x. they wanted to make sure there was room for the shuttle. >> as i spoke to people who fathered along the streets, i saw the real gift of the endeavor. the gift of the inspiration and the gift of dream making. >> endeavor will follow shuttle's discovery and it will go on display october 30thth. it is a big leap in history. >> extreme athlete felix bomb gardener was able to break the sound bar yes. it took two and a half hours to get up and only 9 minutes to
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get down. he reached speeds of 834 miles per hour. his a send was the average for jet liners. >> i was and coming back a couple of times because you are sitting there and it is like how does it feel and look like and this this is way bigger than i have anticipated. >> now that he has fulfill his jump now unfold it on the website. they had the largest number of viewers in history. last time, 7 million online viewers watched president barack obama's inauguration. we want to sit sit and talk with sal. right now the traffic looks
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pretty good, no major problems, continuing as well. at the bay bridge toll plaza, right now it does look good driving into sap fran. if you are driving all the south bay freeways 0 doing well. >> well, it is coast and bay what airport, not much of a breeze, a little component of a sea breeze, maybe hater. it is almost impossible to be 0
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the bay, overall sunny, 60s and 70s, lower he 80s, mostly sunny and warmer, mostly fair, some higher clouds coast and bay we and it will be well with inland and will start to cool down as we go into the weekend. a man and woman were accused in a double shooting. they found the victims buchanan road and ventura drive. the man was pronounced he dead at the scene and the woman had been live at the scene. they saw then. he had a four hour standoff
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men he have they surrounded alamo square. they had run into the home. 11:00 a.m. several people including at least four children left the home. officers took one man into custody as a potential suspect. they say they did not find any victims related to the gunfire. he is accusing the obama administration purposefully killing the attack. it ends and three other americans have opinion can i he knew how it was not tied to other anti-american protests. >> to say that you are either income ten or -- inn coat ten or -- incompetent or
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misleading. >> they are looking anything the obama administration's response. and -- looking into the obama administrations response. they are watching prehearings for the men chargeth. am relatives can watch on sports in new jersey and the suspects refused to cooperate with proceedings. a young pakistani girl is being moved to britain for treatment. 14-year-old girl was flown out this morning along with her family. they say she will receive a specialized care for her matt skole. she said girls should have the
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right to an education. and they are threatening a follow-up attack. the team is trying to bring super bowl to their new santa clara stadium. and a dear is rescued, how they are fighting to save this animal.
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. two americans were awarded the nobel prize in economics. he is now a professor at harvard and another is at ucla. the two are awarded the prize for research in trans plans and -- transplants and recipients. well a call for help, after spotting the deer, two firefighters tried to grab the deer but it would not cooperate. after awhile it got tired and allowed rescuers to grab it.
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liam nissan is at the box office title with narrow win. >> they took in more than $22 million for the story about a retired cia agent who is seeking revenge on he and his family. it evened out with a movie starting ben aflac. and now they are focusing on the giants run and they will announce if they are not. they have put in a bid to host the game, it is scheduled to open in 2014. but the entire region would benefit. >> it is for the san francisco
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rising. >> the game will be played in santa clara. the only one was in 1985 when the 49ers beat dolphins. let's check thing out with sal and look at the roads. well, as a matter of fact we don't have a lot going on. it does look good but steve and i have been telling you about fog so be weary of that, it is not foggy between walnut creek and oakland. well westbound interstate 880, from he will seer veto down to other areas. and construction zones and a detour, the rest of the contra costa area looks good and no
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major problems. if you are driving between vallejo and funnel that looks good and no traffic trouble for the hitch beyond bridge. no problems on the dumbarton bridge. and we have not a lot going on in the south bay and the weather has been clear. on the freeways there is a at the lot of fog. highway 101 and 20 if let's go to steve. >> and as you were clear, caldecott was on the side you mentioned. mostly sunny today, not much of a breeze, in fact west 10
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southeast at 5:00, we were kind of mind so mostly sunny today. it will be warmer accept some of that thick fog. tell use it and fire danger will go up as well and we will cool it down as we go into the weekend. >> time is 4:54, university students are recovering after falling from the third floor of his apartment building. he fell at 1:00 on bestially drive. the incident involved alcohol and horseplay. glenn suffered a serious head injury but is said to be
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stable. the 21-year-old finished on may 15th 2020 and missing airs at 0:12:30 right after ktvu channel 2 morning news at noon. and we learned the crash happened around 8:40 yesterday morning and the woman lost control of her car and hit a tree on 101. the woman's name is being helped and it is too early to know if direction or alcohol played a factor in the crash. they are -- if drugs or alcohol played a factor in the crash. they received a majority of first place votes and the last
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choice will be eliminated. they will wait days for the ranked voting which left many people wondering about the race. how it could it be linked at the first plant. >> all you have to do is like ktvu channel 2 morning news on federal government facebook a enter to win with. the win will be announced -- the inn wither will be announced next day.
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. san jose police make an arrest in a serial case, very surprising news about the suspect. and they are not worried about last night's loss to the cardinals. and keeping governor brown busy from now to election day, it is all ahead on ktvu channel


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